Wonderful Work of Wojciech Jakubowski

Stumbling across beautiful prints in person doesn't happen to me very often. I often hunt through boxes of frames in charity shops or rummage through second hand book shops looking for hidden treasure that an untrained eye might often over look. I usually find some interesting things but no original prints. However I recently find myself browsing through oxfam and longingly gazing at the collectors cabinet, when a rather unassuming grey book sleeve caught my eye. The description read;

"50 loose-leaf engravings by WOJCIECH JAKUBOWSKI
limited edition of 80 copies of which this is number 63
Accompanying booklet signed by Jakubowski
Published GDYNIA 1998
Mint condition"

They had me at 'engravings'. Timidly I asked the elderly lady at the desk if I might look through the prints, half expecting that I was not worthy to be entrusted with such a holy item. The cabinet was unlocked, I was seated and handed a magnifying glass. I was not disappointed, after carefully removing the outer sleeve and unfolding a simple but well made case I was blown away by the artistry and craftsmanship I found inside.  

Jakubowski's technique uses cross hatching to build up tone and line. The subject differs from print to print, but often we see depicted a romantic, classical impression of nature, figures and objects. Jakubowski uses abstraction alongside realism to create flow and contrast in his work. It amazes me how he manages to fit it all into such tiny prints and so effortlessly. It is easy to see that Jakubowski is a competent and experienced printmaker as he is able to successfully produce complex, harmonised prints. The Detail is mind blowing; he is able to engrave with incredible precision, in such a small scale creating intimate prints. I can't begin to imagine the patience and skill required to create such exquisite work.